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Fanfic: A Matter of Convenience [Gate 7]

Title:  A Matter of Convenience
Fandom: Gate 7
Pairing: Sakura/Tachibana
From: clampkink
Prompt: Gate 7, Sakura/Tachibana - first time.
A/n: Fairly AU as we know next to nothing about them. :'D


He twists and turns, and though everything outside is at peace, in his dreams is a war. There are shadows that loom everywhere and he feels powerless for once. There is nothing he can do. He looks at his hands and why isn't there anything he can do. He feels trapped, bound. His hands shake and suddenly everything hurts.

It's early morning, and Tachibana wakes in alarm. Unfamiliar, he thinks, this place is. He breathes heavily and he hates sleeping, hates waking up from bad dreams and every time he vows to stay awake, to hate sleep, but fatigue would always get the better of him.

He moves and he's suddenly aware of the warmth next to him. Tachibana turns his head and everything comes rushing back. He remembers, and it's with Sakura's face so close to his. What, he wonders. He remembers going to bed alone, remembers Sakura bidding him good night and falling asleep alone before Sakura.

He's never woken up like this before.

Sakura looks peaceful and Tachibana wonders of his dreams. He thinks if Sakura has dreams like his. He places a hand on Sakura's hair and if anything, Tachibana feels him falling deeper into slumber, deeper into that calm that he wishes for himself. He moves his hand to Sakura's chest and feels it rise and fall with each breath and he thinks of maybe going to sleep again.

But he doesn't. The sun's too high up and he knows he has to start the day. This is the first time he's seen Sakura asleep, Tachibana always sleeps before him and wakes up later. He sits up and the blanket pools around his waist. He pulls up a sleeve slipping from his shoulder, taking his time and hesitating in getting up. He actually feels comfortable, but then thinks nothing of it.

He removes Sakura's arm from around his waist. Tachibana stands and that's when Sakura's eyes snap open.

He looks straight up for a few moments and finally shifts his eyes to meet Tachibana's. He smiles and moves until he's sitting up with his legs crossed. He releases a roaring yawn and greets Tachibana, "G'morning."

"Good morning," Tachibana replies with a hint of uncertainty. He's too nonplussed about the whole thing. "Is there any reason for you to have fallen asleep here?"

Sakura smiles again, "Had a rough night, huh?"

Tachibana stiffens and does he know? Does Sakura know what he feels like how he knows what Sakura feels?

Sakura's still smiling but there's a change in it somehow. And Sakura's not just smiling anymore, he's smiling at him and Tachibana doesn't know what to make of it. It's different, but familiar.

"Anyway, I couldn't sleep." Sakura says and Tachibana gets it. His eyes widen a bit with the impact of the realization and he finally understands how they will always be a Yin and a Yang.

Sakura, with his still smiling face breaks into his realization cheerily, "Lovely day, isn't it?" And it's still that smile, still that familiarity.

Tachibana inhales, heavy and different but familiar. "Yes." He supposes, it is.
Tags: clampkink, gate 7, pairing: sakura/tachibana, sakura, shounen ai, tachibana
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